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With the many existing forms of roofing that a homeowner can put on his roof, why would he shy away from the more traditional forms of roofing in favor of a rubber roof? There are actually several practical reasons for electing to go with a rubber roof on the top of one’s house. Among the only surefire methods of defending low sloping roof sections from leaks which does not require the employment of an open flame or alternatively highly specific equipment on the wooden roof, rubber roofing is both useful and viable. Such rubber roofing is available in big rolls which are simply attached to the roof sub-surface, utilizing an adhesive and not nails. Since no nail holes result from this type of rubber roof installation, there is no place for standing water to enter the roof.

John Beal Roofing Kansas City Cedar shingles and shakes possess several unique characteristics that are unsurpassed by other roofing materials. When it comes to protecting your home, cedar is the natural choice.

Insulating Quality

A Cedar wood roof keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Cedar shingles and shakes are the most efficient insulating roofing products available. Western Red Cedar shingles have more then twice the insulating value of asphalt shingles, four times that of fiber-cement composites, and five times that of slate. Thicker, cedar shakes provide even more insulating value.


Cedar shakes are light weight, weighing around two and a half pounds per square foot, and actually improve the structural stability of your house. In wind tunnel tests, cedar roofing has endured winds in excess of 130 miles per hour.


Cedar shakes provide protection that lasts, even in the most extreme climates. Wood fibers have a natural ability to recover, allowing cedar to provide excellent protection against hail and the thermal shock associated with freeze-thaw conditions. Some cedar roofing products have a class 3 impact rating. Most cedar shakes and shingles are available with a twenty to fifty year limited warranty.

Western Red Cedar is a natural, renewable resource.

Prized for its natural beauty and durability, cedar shakes have always been a symbol of prestige. The premium roofing material for finer homes, cedar has been chosen by the world's great architects. Cedar shakes are the most imitated roofing product ever made, yet they have never been equaled.

Whether you're a contractor or architect, a product manufacturer or a technology rep, the 2012 International Roofing Expo is the must-attend event for anyone involved in the roofing industry.

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