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Needing help with insurance claims for roof repair or replacement is no cause for embarrassment in the Omaha, NE area. Negotiating the networks and mazes of insurance claims processing can sometimes be a little daunting, especially if insurance claims procedures are unfamiliar to you. Add to that frustration and stress the initial problem of having to get your roof repaired, and you are not aloneif you need help. Not to worry, reliable and trustworthy help with insurance claims is as easy as calling John Beal Roofing.

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How To Choose Roofing Materials?

An important part of building or remodeling any home is choosing the right roofing material.  The type of roofing you use can either add to the style and attractiveness of the home or take away from the looks and leave you wondering how such a mismatch could have happened.  Before launching into any project that includes installing a new roof, take the time to look at and think about many different types of materials so that you will end up with a roof that is perfect for your home.

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With the many existing forms of roofing that a homeowner can put on his roof, why would he shy away from the more traditional forms of roofing in favor of a rubber roof? There are actually several practical reasons for electing to go with a rubber roof on the top of one’s house. Among the only surefire methods of defending low sloping roof sections from leaks which does not require the employment of an open flame or alternatively highly specific equipment on the wooden roof, rubber roofing is both useful and viable. Such rubber roofing is available in big rolls which are simply attached to the roof sub-surface, utilizing an adhesive and not nails. Since no nail holes result from this type of rubber roof installation, there is no place for standing water to enter the roof.

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John Beal Roofing Kansas City Cedar shingles and shakes possess several unique characteristics that are unsurpassed by other roofing materials. When it comes to protecting your home, cedar is the natural choice.

Insulating Quality

A Cedar wood roof keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Cedar shingles and shakes are the most efficient insulating roofing products available. Western Red Cedar shingles have more then twice the insulating value of asphalt shingles, four times that of fiber-cement composites, and five times that of slate. Thicker, cedar shakes provide even more insulating value.


Cedar shakes are light weight, weighing around two and a half pounds per square foot, and actually improve the structural stability of your house. In wind tunnel tests, cedar roofing has endured winds in excess of 130 miles per hour.


Cedar shakes provide protection that lasts, even in the most extreme climates. Wood fibers have a natural ability to recover, allowing cedar to provide excellent protection against hail and the thermal shock associated with freeze-thaw conditions. Some cedar roofing products have a class 3 impact rating. Most cedar shakes and shingles are available with a twenty to fifty year limited warranty.

Western Red Cedar is a natural, renewable resource.

Prized for its natural beauty and durability, cedar shakes have always been a symbol of prestige. The premium roofing material for finer homes, cedar has been chosen by the world's great architects. Cedar shakes are the most imitated roofing product ever made, yet they have never been equaled.

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Whether you're a contractor or architect, a product manufacturer or a technology rep, the 2012 International Roofing Expo is the must-attend event for anyone involved in the roofing industry.

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A great way to add curb appeal to your home is to start at the top with the most style-appropriate roof.

Besides protecting your home from the elements, the right roof should complement your exterior design scheme.

Not sure what kind of roof suits your home? Here are a few suggestions from the experts at GAF:

• French Country: For these homes, the extensive use of stone and other masonry products incorporates various accent colors. Therefore, many different types of shingles and colors look good with this type of home. Camelot® Lifetime Designer Shingles, with their slate-like design, add another dimension of style to the roof while still maintaining the integrity of the overall architecture. For an affordable luxury option, consider Camelot II, which has the same type of look as Camelot but at a lower cost. The sleek lines of Slateline® shingles also work well with the French Country style.

• Georgian: GAF’s slate-look shingles, such as Camelot, or the sculpted tabs of Country Mansion® shingles are recommended. Typically, a more muted gray or black design best matches the red brick fronts.

• Colonial: Colonial-style homes have a very square and more symmetrical look to them, so the slate-look family of shingles is the best fit. Grand Slate™ and Slateline shingles provide the look of slate at a very affordable price.

• Tudor: With their steep- pitched roofs, Tudor homes are great for showing off an elegant roof style. They tend to have muted tones on the front facade accented with brown or gray cross-gables. Camelot and Slateline shingles are both good choices for Tudor-style homes.

• Craftsman: The Craftsman style looks great with wood shake-look shingles in earth tones, such as gray, green or brown. Good bets are Timberline® shingles, a popular wood-shake look, or Grand Sequoia® and Grand Canyon™ shingles, which have a rugged wood-shake and ultradimensional look.

• Mediterranean and Italianate: These ornate architectural homes are typically sided with stucco. Roof color choices are warmer browns and terra-cotta hues, as well as some dark grays. The slate/tile look of Camelot shingles in San Gabriel complements this architectural style well. Grand Sequoia and Grand Canyon shingles, with their warm color palettes, also make a good match.

• Ranch houses: Ranch-style homes are characterized by their one-story design with very low-pitched roofs and spread-out floor plans. Grand Sequoia shingles provide a distinct dimensional look to the roof, while Grand Canyon shingles offer an ultradimensional version of the premium wood-shake option. Timberline is also a good choice.

For more information, consult the Roof Wizard tab at:

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Roofs are the treatments on top of a developing or a home. Roofs are a very essential aspect of a components and homes as they secure the inner aspect of the developing from bad weather, stormy weather, snowfall and excessive of heat range. Without a ceiling, a developing is imperfect.

The idea of making a ceiling or a housing is not new. The first of men designed a ceiling created of straws, simply leaves and offices to protect their places; actually man began developing roofs before homes.


As people many designed the idea of homes designed and so did the designs and components of roofs in designs. These days there are many different kinds of roofs that are found over homes and components. These roofs are designed according to their requirements and for the included elegance they bring to the home. Some of the common kinds of roofs are described below:



Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are one of the most ancient and the best way of roofs. These roofs are easy to identify and are the most common roofs for components. They may not however be very popular among homes these days. Smooth roofs have a short message which is around 1-2 levels.


There are many benefits as well as negatives of flat roofs. The benefit of flat roofs is that the development of developing becomes easier and the surfaces do not have to be verticle with respect or similar to each other. The significant drawback is that it has no runs or a point because of which water and dirt may acquire on the top.


They also require a high servicing. Therefore flat roofs are best matched in places which are dry and do not have much bad weather fall. Many flat roofs although do have a waterflow and drainage tube at the end; it is still not a very more suitable ceiling for homes. It is most effective for high components and manufacturing facilities.


Sloping Roofs

Sloping ceiling is a common phrase used to any ceiling that is either a little bit or completely moved.


These roofs are one of the most common personal roofs. As opposed to the flat roofs the significant benefits of sloping roofs is that they do not let the water or dirt to obtain.



Gable Roofs

Gable roofs are one of the most well-known kinds of roofs.


A individual gable ceiling is created up of two rectangle roofs and a bit dipping, getting together with at a factor to type just one ceiling.


The range where they connect with is the type range. Gable ceiling can also be known as the common home ceiling.


Salt box design ceiling construction


Salt Box

Salt box is a very fashionable way of ceiling which is very exciting to look at. Like the gable this way of ceiling is also created of two roofs which connect with at a type range but in this ceiling they connect with to type a triangular and the sodium box's one area of the ceiling is larger while the other is smaller i.e. it varieties a uneven triangular. This idea of roofs designed during the last millennium.


Saltbox is most effective for homes but some offices also have saltbox roofs


Gambrel Roof

Gambrel ceiling is generally a way of gable ceiling in which one area is stiffer than the other. The gambrel ceiling has directory gable comes to an end and the ceiling dangles over the pretense of the home.


This ceiling is more generally used as a barn ceiling. It is a Nederlander motivated design of ceiling.


Mansard Roof

Mansard ceiling may appear to be to the gable ceiling but the two roofs have many variations. The Mansard ceiling has four runs.


These runs are present on the all the four comes to an end of the home.


The lower mountain is directory and stiffer than the higher mountain and the higher mountain may not be very noticeable. This design of top comes from the France.


Pyramid Roof

Pyramid roofs are extremely fashionable and contemporary kinds of roofs.


These roofs as their name indicates are designed like a chart. These roofs are best matched for sheds, homes or little components such as share homes.


Hip Roof

Hip ceiling appears like the chart ceiling as it too has four runs increased and registered together.


But unlike the chart roofs, the runs of hip roofs do not connect with at just one factor actually the top of the ceiling is compressed in a way that the four comes to an end of the rectangle are filled by the runs.


They too are best matched for little components.

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Tips for Locating A Kansas City Roof Leak


Probably the most regularly handled troubles with a roof is leaking. Having said that, many water leaks don’t come the roof. A wet spot found on the ceiling of a first floor of a two story dwelling isn’t a leak from your roof.

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Over the recent years, Kansas City has faced some of the major natural disasters like hail storms, tornadoes and terrible weather conditions. In fact, innumerable homes across the city of Kansas City required extensive repairing as a result of such damages. Hence, as the owner of a home it becomes imperative to pay adequate attention to vital aspects of a house especially the roof. Most people will undoubtedly agree to the fact that the roof is one of the major aspects of the home. Without proper roofing you will certainly never feel secured. Suitable roofing benefits ensure that the people living in the home are secure and protected. If you happen to residents in Kansas City and are aware of the dangerous weather conditions, with Kansas City Roofers at your disposal taking necessary precautions is recommended.

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