Tips for Locating A Kansas City Roof Leak

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    Probably the most regularly handled troubles with a roof is leaking. Having said that, many water leaks don’t come the roof. A wet spot found on the ceiling of a first floor of a two story dwelling isn’t a leak from your roof.


    Make sure the leak isn't a plumbing issue

    Your property has many feet of piping which either brings water in or removes water out of the Kansas City home. Its fairly easy for one of these water lines or the joints for the fixtures could leak. Seals all around windows and doors may fracture causing leaks as well.

    Check these options first as it would be wrong to call a Kansas City roofer over to fix a leak that's a plumbing related problem. As soon as it's clear that the leak must be emanating from the roof, there are several areas to start your search first.

    When searching for a leak in the roof structure, the most beneficial area to find them would be the attic. It's far easier to find the drip from underneath versus on on top of the roof.

    Check around any object that protrudes from the Kansas City roof first

    The leak in the roof structure is not necessarily directly above a ceiling water spot or moistened insulating material. Water can easily hang on to to surfaces and travel some distance before falling. Initially look at exhaust vents as well as other structures sticking out from your roof structure. The particular seals and covers around these objects break or fail quite easily. The majority of roof leaks appears around these locations.

    Check the area around a fireplace or along a vertical wall against the roof structure. Any damage or rust here can mean that water is penetrating through. Again, sealer can split, oxidation can open a gap, or water might have worn away an area.

    The longer a leak goes unnoticed, the more damage it causes

    Leakages around vent pipe and flashing are not too difficult to repair and if you have noticed the signs in time, there won’t be more cost apart from some fresh paint.

    If your leak isn’t from vent pipe or flashing, then there can be a malfunction of the roofing shingles or perhaps a puncture. Your attic could be the easiest way to seek out these leaking. Roofing shingles may get blown up in high winds enabling water to saturate in underneath.

    While a Kansas City roofing contractor can discover loosened shingles easily, an average person most likely does not know what to search for. Holes can be very tiny and tough to locate from the top of your roof. Because a leak may have been occurring for months or years before noticeable evidence showed up, the smallest drip can bring about quite expensive repairs.

    Most leaks are caused by damage from the elements. Storm damage is covered by your homeowner insurance company and filing a storm damage claim doesn't affect your premium. Have a local roofing professional check your roof today and catch a leak before it causes significant damage.


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