Do I Need A New Roof?

    You might be questioning yourself, “Do I need a new roof?”  If you are also asking yourself the following questions, then you should to really think about a roof replacement:

    After inspection of my roofing, I discovered algae growth. Do I need a new roof?


    I noticed curling and blistering on my roof. Do I need a new roof?

    I see that some of my shingles are missing or broken. Do I need a new roof?

    I detected some rotting. Do I need a new roof?

    I saw numerous dark patches and they seem dirty. Do I need a new roof?

    I discovered some sagging and buckling in my roof’s structure. Do I need a new roof?

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    If the answers to any of these questions are “yes,” look at a straightforward formula of economics. If you have a roof that is knowingly in need of repair, and may have a lot more servicing in the long term, would it be better to carry on fixing your existing roofing or should you have it completely replaced? It may be a lot less pricey, in the long run, to shell out the dollars now on a new roof rather than constantly fixing one that is already damaged. In addition, a new roof may reduce the possibility of substantial damage and insurance claims during a future storm or other inclement weather.

    Prior to when determining whether or not to fix or replace your roofing, inspect it thoroughly for any indications of damage or deterioration. It’s essential to remember that, during inspection, refrain from walking on your roofing if at all feasible as this may result in further damage to the structure. It is recommended to use binoculars or a ladder to get the very best view possible. There are 2 ways to examine your roofing, which consists of both an outside and inside inspection.

    The outside inspection is, possibly, the easiest and should be completed first. Most outward indicators of damage can be found immediately. There are certain signs to suggest that your roofing may need to be replaced, such as algae growth, curling, blistering, missing or broken shingles, missing granules, rotting, damaged flashing, buckling, loose or exposed nails, dark patches that seem “dirty, ” sagging in the middle of the roof or the presence of rust.

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    The interior inspection may take more time and effort, but is crucial in identifying the ideal outcome for your home. There are a range of indoor signs to suggest that your roofing may be in need of replacing, including ceiling spots, sagging between the rafters or an outside light that is apparent through the roof. The most apparent of the signs, which are ceiling spots, are effortlessly visible and would be a obvious sign of leakage. If a roof is determined to be leaking, and suitable repairs are not made, the water damage may result in further damage to your insulation and raise energy costs. If you identify dark spots in the wood, check them in order to determine if the issue is one of urgent concern. If the spot seems soft to the touch or is damp, the hint would be that the issue is an existing one. On the other hand, if the spot is dry, it’s feasible that this is a prior issue that has been fixed or is no longer an issue.

    If you find any of these indicators to be existing, get in touch with a roofing contractor for a professional analysis. Before determining for yourself, ask for their judgment and ask for an estimate. In some instances, an easy repair might be all that is required to fix an issue. Nevertheless, if the issue is going to be reoccurring, think about the option of replacing the roof completely. For example, if your roofing exhibits signs of rotting, this may be a bigger problem in the future if it has distributed throughout the structure. If, on the other hand, a few shingles are in need of repair, you wouldn’t always need to replace the roof entirely. Whenever doing any major home improvement, think about each option thoroughly before making a final judgement.

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      You might be questioning yourself, “Do I need a new roof?”  If you are also asking yourself the following questions, then you should to really think about a roof replacement:
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