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Great Job
"John Beal did a wonderful job on our siding and gutters. From our salesman, Bret, to the crew leader, Chris, to the crew themselves -- it was a great experience. The job was completed yesterday and we are already noticing a difference in the house. The John Beal crew was polite and clean. We will advise all of our friends and family to call John Beal for their window, siding and roofing needs!"
Safety First
We needed a new roof and got quotes from a few companies. I have to say though, that John Beal offered me the best product and price. I couldnt have been more impressed with the installers that came out also. They were polite, clean, and did a heck of a job. You bet Ill be calling John Beal again soon to get my siding done as well. I am happy with my experience, and wanted to share so that others needing a new roof could read about the satisfaction they could also have. Thanks.
Patio Doors
We recently purchased a new patio door for our home and I wanted to share with you how awesome Vinny, our installer was.. He went the extra mile and was very professional. It is nice to see how others care about my home and he treated it like it was his own. This makes me feel wonderful. I didn't get any other estimates from other companies. I don't think I will regret it. All of the employees at John Beal were absolutely wonderful to work with.
Thank you!!!

Thank You for responding so quickly to my call to John Beal and thanks for getting the person incharge of tuckpointing involved so quickly. I appreciate your sense of urgency. This kind of services gives John Beal a good reputation of roofing in Kansas City. Thanks again, Donnis C.

Metal Roofing
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